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The Dream Voyage of the Icebearg Bear


Photographer / L.Spreux ©


Icebearg,the studio’s latest creation,

is a giant rocking bear that I imagined to rock adults

and take them to imaginary worlds.

The connecting thread of my work is

the idea of a surreal nature

that takes back its place

by invading our everyday lives.

The Icebearg, my first piece of art furniture, is

the result of this artistic research.

The Icebearg bear is a series of 18 numbered pieces corresponding to the stars of the constellation Ursa Major.


The Dream Voyage of the

Icebearg Bear

A State of Mind

The departure point of the exhibition

was an irresistible desire to have

the Icebearg bear travel through multiple decors.

This work sheds light on the different emotions

I had as I created it between energy and being in a fog.

Each decor reflects one of my States of Mind. 

The exhibit is currently visible on my studio’s Instagram account @solennevdbdesign where each week I present

videos, triptychs, mock-ups and the work of other artists.

Spr03183 (2).jpg


Solenne van den Broek


I am a toy and furniture designer

In my artistic quest,

I explore the idea of a surreal nature that can

invade our everyday lives.

Through my creations, I try to bring intimate emotions to life,

call up distant memories and transmit

a vivid, joyful, light-hearted vision of the world.

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Thank you !

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