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Numbered rocking bear,

( a series of 18 pieces )

an artistic furniture piece made by

Best Workers of France craftsmen

L 200 x P 120 x H 100 cm

Delivery time: 8 weeks


Personalize materials and dimensions

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- Fur ZINC - ROMO: 20% PL Polyester, 80% PC Polycarbonate - Foam HR 50 (High Resilience), elasticized straps - Wood CP 22 mm - Steel

DIMENSIONS :  2 m x 1,35 m x 1,25 m
Weight: 100 kg

Manufacturing: FRANCE


Handmade in France by Ateliers Fayolle,

a company that has existed for 40 years

and has been named a

Best Worker of France

Custom-made manufacturing
Personalized dimensions and fabrics


Delivery time: 6 - 8 weeks

Delivery costs:

estimate given on request

Shipped from:

France - Cassel (59)


Solenne van den Broek 


I am a toy and furniture designer

In my artistic quest, I explore the idea of a surreal nature that can invade our everyday lives. I designed my first piece of artistic furniture, the Icebearg bear, with all this in mind.  


The Icebearg is the result of 2 years of work.

The idea was born when I was designing a toy collection and quickly wanted to make an adult-sized piece. In 2018 I was lucky to be selected by a program at the Paris Mayor’s office to manufacture the first prototype. Then a wonderful meeting with a talented woodworker and upholsterer who had been named Best Worker of France made it possible to make the daring realization of this 2-meter long bear.

Presented in a virtual exhibition on Instagram, it is only available by special order.

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French manufacturing

Ateliers Fayolles

The Icebearg bear is manufactured in France

in collaboration with Ateliers Fayolles.

The company has a fascinating history.

It was founded 40 years ago by a craftsman who,

after having been named Best Worker of France,

eventually turned his business over to his 3 children

who also have a passion for these same crafts.

Each of them subsequently

received the same Best Worker of France honor.

This new generation that runs the company today

has modernized and perfected their trade by

working with Paris’ top names in the decoration world.

Their goal is to associate tradition with new technologies

Thus the Icebearg bear benefitted from this unique skill

between tradition and modernity

Its inside wood structure resembles

the hull of a boat,

an homage to life at sea.


The super-comfortable,

shape-memory foam

is hand-sculpted

The fur is available in a variety of colors and

the dimensions can be custom-made.


Each piece is numbered, signed and delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

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grande ourse.JPG


The 18 stars of the Ursa Major

The Icebearg bear is

a series of 18 numbered pieces

corresponding to the stars of the constellation

of the Ursa Major (Great Bear)

discovered by Ptolemy.

This constellation is both a compass and a clock

for mariners and travelers

since antiquity.

In this constellation Ursa Major,

there are 18 main stars,

the most visible which for centuries,

have received names from different civilizations.

It is from these 18 antique names

which I chose to name each of the 18 Icebearg bears.

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