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Solenne van den Broek 


I am a toy and furniture designer.


I work with wooden toy manufacturers or on projects under my own name: artistic pieces of furniture that I produce in small series with exceptional French craftsmen.

The point these activities have in common?

Creativity that combines skills, a search for multi-sensoriality, an invitation to interact and a way to incite the imagination.

In my artistic quest,

I explore the idea of a surreal nature

that can invade our everyday lives.

Through my creations, I try to bring intimate emotions to life,

call up distant memories and transmit

a vivid, joyful, light-hearted vision of the world.

I designed my first piece of artistic furniture,

the Icebearg bear, with all this in mind.  The project began 2 years ago and was nourished by a series of amazing encounters. First I was selected in a program organized by the Paris Mayor’s office and then I collaborated with a talented woodworker and upholsterer who was designated a Best Worker of France.


Today Icebearg is available by special order only and is also presented in a virtual exhibition.

Other projects are currently in work …


Photographer / L.Spreux ©


If you want to discuss an artistic project like a toy design, piece of furniture, scenography or just share your feelings about the exhibition, I would be happy to speak with you

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